Advantages of Cord Blood Transfusions and Storage

Advantages of Cord Blood Transfusions and Storage

Cord blood banks cryogenically freeze the blood from the umbilical cord for possible future use against diseases developed by members of your family. A great number of serious medical conditions can already be successfully treated by this umbilical cord blood, and it is predicted that many more conditions will be be able to be cured by the use of the genetic material contained within these cord blood sources. It is well worth evaluating the potential benefits of using a cord blood bank.

A number of research studies have shown that stem cells taken from umbilical cord blood have several advantages over marrow and circulatory blood derived genes. Bone marrow still leads ahead of umbilical cord blood for some procedures and diseases, but it is widely believed in the medical community that the trend will sway in favor of cord blood even more in the near future.

The future of this new type of treatment is exciting, despite its current minority status in the world of transfusions. Scientists are almost certain that an personĀ“s own cord blood will, at some point, be effective in the treatment of their own cancers. This is because the majority of adult cancers simply aren’t genetically derived, whereas pediatric cancers invariably are.

Medical researchers are hard at work finding ways of manipulating the leukemia gene, so that eventually even your own blood may be used to cure yourself, thus making cord blood even more valuable as an insurance against future ailments and disease.

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