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Stem Cell Treatments in Costa Rica

More and more people from the US and Europe are undergoing stem cell treatment in Costa Rica for a number of medical issues. Costa Rican doctors say they are providing these medical tourists with stem cell treatments. Scientists in the U.S. are saying that Costa Rica is offering false hope by using techniques that have not been scientifically proven.

Dr. Fabio Solano, director of the stem cell institute at San Jose’s CIMA Hospital, says his team has treated as many as 400 patients with procedures that involve stem cells.

Costa Rica prohibits working with human embryos and instead promotes research on adult stem cells which are derived from tissue like umbilical blood or muscle tissue.

The Costa Rican government is updating laws to promote and regulate adult stem cell research and treatment across a wide range of diseases. This could fuel further debate over techniques that U.S. doctors say have only produced anecdotal success. We expect Costa Rica will enhance and increase stem cell medical tourism.

For information on where to get stem cell treatment in Costa Rica , visit the Hospital Cima San Jose website.

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