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Cord Blood America’s Operations in China

Cord Blood America announced this week that an architectural firm has been retained for the new, 200,000 square foot umbilical cord blood processing and storage facility in China. CBAI has signed a License and Cooperation with AXM Pharma, Inc., a global pharmaceutical company with a major presence in the Chinese pharmaceutical market for more than 10 years. Cord Blood America is the umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation company which is focused on bringing the life saving potential of stem cells to families nationwide and internationally.

“We are in discussions to open a temporary facility in 2010 so we can begin the storage process in an AXM Pharma facility in Shenyang, China,” Matthew Schissler, Cord Blood America co-founder and CEO, said. “This would mean we would receive revenues from China faster than the 2011 date previously projected.”

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