Stem Cell Trial For Cerebral Palsy Begins


American researchers are starting a clinical trial to determine whether stem cells from umbilical cord blood can help children with cerebral palsy. The researchers, who are working at the Medical College of Georgia, said their study represents the first such U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved clinical trial. The study will include 40 children age 2-12 whose parents have stored cord blood at the Cord Blood Registry in Tucson, Ariz.

Animal studies indicate that infused stem cells help injured brain cells recover and replace brain cells that have died. While no controlled clinical trials have been conducted to date, previous studies have shown marked improvement in children with cerebral palsy about three months after an initial infusion of cord blood.

“Evidence up to this point has been purely anecdotal,” said Dr. James Carroll, a professor at the college’s school of medicine. “While a variety of cord blood stem cell therapies have been used successfully for more than 20 years, this study is breaking new ground in advancing therapies for brain injury, a condition for which there is currently no cure.”

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  1. hussean Says:

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