Stem Cells For Autism Treatment

Stem Cells For Autism Treatment

The mother of a Bayport, New York girl reached out to President Obama to make stem cell therapy available in America after her daughter’s successful treatment in Germany at the XCell-Center in January 2009. For Judy DiCorcia, it took a leap of faith to take her 10-year-old daughter, Lauren, to Germany for stem cell therapy. Just six short weeks after returning home and observing her daughter’s progress, she knew that her faith had been rewarded, prompting her to bring her daughter’s story to the attention of President Obama. Here is what she wrote to him:

Dear President Obama,

I am the mother of a 10-year-old autistic daughter. In January, we took Lauren to Cologne, Germany for Adult Stem Cell therapy. The center used her own stem cells drawn from her hip bone marrow, centrifuged the next day, and then reinserted via lumbar puncture the following day (2.95 million cells). Both procedures were quick and not invasive at all. In the past 6 weeks we have seen significant improvements in our daughter’s behaviors, focus, hyperactivity, and insomnia. I would rate a general improvement of about 40% – this is HUGE for a family living with autism. Our daughter started sleeping through the night for the first time (yes, she is 10 and got up every night) since stem cells. Lauren is happier just in her own skin – so much less frustrated and just generally happier. She is getting through her one-on-one therapy more quickly, better focused, and more compliant. Of course, it amazes me that this simple, non-controversial therapy cannot be done here in the United States.

Judy DiCorcia

Now, more than five months since her treatment, Mrs. DiCorcia reports that her daughter is still doing well, “Lauren is doing well. I would have to say that she ‘plateaued’ at about the 12-week mark. Her situation is stable and fortunately all positive effects have persisted. I wish the doctor could fly to the US and perform the therapy here!”

The autism treatment at XCell-Center employs (autologous) stem cells that come from the patient’s own bone marrow. After the stem cells are separated from the bone marrow, they are implanted into the spinal canal under local or general anesthesia depending upon the specific needs of the patient. The procedure, including stem cell collection, processing and therapy, costs around $10,000 US dollars. Over 1000 patients have been treated via lumbar puncture with no major complications.


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  1. Helen Bell Says:

    I would love to contact Judy and hear how Lauren is going. I have been researching stem cells for Autism and am not finding too many people who have actually done it. I would like to have my daughter undergo the therapy, she is also Autistic and I would do anything to give her a better quality of life.
    The costs seem reasonable but with the amount of Autistic children out there I would have thought there would be more people recieving the treatment.

  2. heralino egusquiza Says:

    i would love to know more about it i have a nephew with autism and we would love to have more information of this doctor in germany and how this treatment work

    thank jerry

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