Stem Cell Therapy For Brain Injury

Stem Cell Therapy For Brain Injury

From Bangalore, India comes the first successful stem cell therapy for traumatic brain injury in the country. Bone marrow was transplanted directly into the brain of a woman suffering from diffuse axonal brain injury, which is a severe form of brain injury where the patient remains unconscious for a variable period. In this case, she had remained in a coma for more than three months. N K Venkataramana, chief neurosurgeon of BGS Hospitals, confirmed that this is the first such attempt in India and second in the world.

In the surgery done in March, four million stem cells per body weight were injected directly into her brain. After a month of the transplant, the patient showed considerable improvement. She became conscious, started talking and could move her limbs. She was also able to recognize family members and friends.

Venkataramana said this proves that brain injuries may be curable. “The need to help accident victims led us to work on stem cell therapy,” he added. “Since 2004, there has been a pressing need to help the rising number of people who were disabled following road accidents. Stem cell therapy was one of the means to face the situation,” he explained. “We’re planning to carry out a pilot study in treating head injuries with stem cells.”

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  1. Teriss on Twitter Says:

    Its not surprising that the FDA in the United States has declared a person’s adult stem cells as a drug which will push back vital research about 10 years. This means more Americans will have to travel outside their own country to get stem cell treatments, especially the repair stem cells that work to reverse disease.
    How fraudulent of the US government to allow the FDA which is run by drug companies to stop stem cell therapy in its tracks, and prohibit its uses. The USA will remain a very diseased country if this continues or is allowed.

  2. ankit Says:

    am having a brain injury wanna do stem cells can plz help me out………?

  3. Andre "Brain Fitness Coach" Auerbach Says:

    Wow, this is indeed good news for people who know of someone in comas. The pace at which neuro science is progressing is simply astounding. Just a decade ago, neurologist have assumed brain injury is not curable.

  4. hemanth Says:

    My brother had a severe head injury before 10 months. he was in coma for 25 days. his left part of the brain is injured so his right part of hand and legs are not working and he is not able to speek at all.but he is having all his memory. he is going to depresion now. please help by guiding about stem cell therapy treatment to him.

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