MenSCs May Cause Significant Increase of Cord Blood Stem Cells

MenSCs May Cause Significant Increase of Cord Blood Stem Cells

Cryo-Cell International, Inc. recently announced the results of a study showing that adding menstrual blood stem cells to stem cells from umbilical cord blood expands the number of progenitor cells, which are cells that grow into mature blood cells. This expansion technique could expand on the number of therapeutic uses of the cells and provide a more abundant supply of stem cells for transplantation.

Stem cells found in cord blood have been proven to treat more than seventy serious illnesses, including lymphoma, leukemia, neuroblastoma, and sickle cell anemia. Since the first successful cord blood stem cell transplant in 1988, cord blood stem cells have been used in more than 10,000 transplants worldwide. Cord blood stem cells are readily available, and are easy to collect and cryopreserve. Umbilical cord blood can only be collected at birth and doesn’t yield a large enough number of stem cells typically required for transplantation – a single cord blood collection yields only enough stem cells for a child or smaller adult. Given these obvious limitations, research has increasingly focused on identifying ways to expand or enhance cord blood stem cells, something this new study gives a fresh outlook.

The studies were performed by using harvested cells from menstrual blood and cord blood cells collected after childbirth and processed to reduce the number of red blood cells.

“Identifying strategies to expand the yield of cord-blood derived stem cells has been an ongoing challenge,” said Julie Allickson, Ph.D., study investigator and Vice President, Laboratory Operations, Research and Development at Cryo-Cell International, Inc. “Further study will confirm whether MenSCs may be a potential solution to more readily available stem cell sources.”

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