Could Cord Blood Cure Diabetes?

Could Cord Blood Cure Diabetes?

Scientists have recently become more invested in learning how the stem cells in cord blood copy the cells needed for the production of insulin, and studies are being done to see how this new information can assist with the development of a cure for diabetes. According to many, they are as close as five years away from finding a possible cure.

Cord blood is important to diabetes research because of the stem cells that are available and abundant in cord blood. When it comes to treating diabetes, the idea is that these stem cells can replace the pancreatic beta cells. Currently, the therapy seems to be more applicable to those with Type 1 diabetes, as this type of diabetes is caused by the immune system malfunctioning and eliminating pancreatic beta cells, leaving the body without enough insulin to break down sugars and carbohydrates into energy.

It is hoped that at some point the therapy could be used to help those suffering from Type 2 or adult onset type diabetes as well, which is caused more by obesity and lifestyle factors.

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  1. Mahire Says:

    This is great news but where are the specific details? Who is doing the studies?
    Why five years? My daughter was diagnosed 18 years ago and we were told we would see a cure in five years. I strongly suspect just like cancer there are forces that be that are diverting succesfull research doctors from a cure. Forces that be want to continue to sell diabetics costly diabetes pharma-phernelia like insulin pumps, test strips, insulin the rest of their lives. So big pharma gets more greedy and profitable every day little children have to do finger pricka and insulin shots just to stay alive and look forward to a life of more. We call ourselves civilized.

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