Advantages Of Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplantation

stem cell cancer

Over 45,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in Canada and the United States every year, and the treatment often requires a bone marrow or peripheral blood cell transplant. A growing, alternative source is available through cord blood banks, which collect stem cells from donated umbilical cord blood.

The potential advantages of cord blood stem cell transplantation over marrow or peripheral blood stem cell transplants include, a larger potential donor pool and the immediate availability of the cells, since the cord blood has been prescreened, tested, frozen, and is ready to use. There is also more potential for greater racial diversity and balance in the donor pool by focusing collection efforts on hospitals where births of children from diverse ethnic backgrounds are well-represented. There is no risk for the donor, very rare chances of contamination by viruses, and lower risk of graft-versus-host disease, a condition that occurs when donor cells are rejected by the recipient’s organs and tissues, allowing for transplants with an imperfect HLA match.

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