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New Studies Using Cord Blood For Cancer Treatment

The University of Pittsburgh’s Cancer Institute and Allegheny General Hospital’s heart center are starting to sign up patients for test studies that will significantly increase research studies. The University has joined a group of cancer centers in Europe and Israel for a study assessing the safety and success of using a derivative of umbilical stem [...]

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Placenta An Important Stem Cell Source

Doctors are more often seeking to cure people who have leukemia and other blood-related disorders by giving them stem cell-rich bone marrow from donors who have closely matched tissue and blood types. The transplanted bone marrow makes healthy blood cells to replace the damaged or sickly ones. However, if the donor has a different tissue [...]

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Catholic Archbishop Encourages Cord Blood Donation

Archbishop Peter Smith encouraged increased cord blood donation as the focus for World Blood Donor Day. Cord blood is rich in stem cells and is already being used to treat many different diseases including leukemia and sickle cell anemia to name a few. Umbilical cord blood can be extracted in a simple, safe procedure from [...]

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Stem Cells For Autism Treatment

The mother of a Bayport, New York girl reached out to President Obama to make stem cell therapy available in America after her daughter’s successful treatment in Germany at the XCell-Center in January 2009. For Judy DiCorcia, it took a leap of faith to take her 10-year-old daughter, Lauren, to Germany for stem cell therapy. [...]

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Could Cord Blood Cure Diabetes?

Scientists have recently become more invested in learning how the stem cells in cord blood copy the cells needed for the production of insulin, and studies are being done to see how this new information can assist with the development of a cure for diabetes. According to many, they are as close as five years [...]

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Breakthrough – Turning Skin Cells Into Stem Cells

Canadian scientist have made a major breakthrough in stem cell research and have discovered a process to turn skin cells into stem cells. Their research may removes some of the current barriers to using stem cells, which have the inate power to renew themselves, in innovative medical therapies for those suffering from spinal cord injuries [...]

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Stem Cell Therapy For Brain Injury

From Bangalore, India comes the first successful stem cell therapy for traumatic brain injury in the country. Bone marrow was transplanted directly into the brain of a woman suffering from diffuse axonal brain injury, which is a severe form of brain injury where the patient remains unconscious for a variable period. In this case, she [...]

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Irish HSE May Face Legal Action On Cord Blood Collection

Hospitals and private clinics in Ireland might be facing legal action from parents because of a policy that prevents the collection of cord blood stem cells at birth. Professor Colin McGuckin, a stem cell specialist, said the country was being “left behind” because hospitals were denying parents a potentially life-saving service that could be used [...]

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Harvesting Stem Cells From Menstrual Blood

Umbilical cord stem cells have been used to treat a number of illnesses including lymphoma, leukemia, sickle cell anemia, neuroblastoma and other serious ailments. There were actually more than 10,000 transplants worldwide where these stem cells were used. Although these stem cells are readily available, easy to collect and cryopreserve (freeze), they can only be [...]

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Midland Memorial Hospital Collects Baby’s Umbilical Cord Blood

MIDLAND – Midland Memorial Hospital is now collecting new born baby’s umbilical cord blood. The Hospital says that umbilical cord blood has a plethora of cells that make blood which can be used to treat such illnesses as leukemia and lymphoma as an alternative to waiting for a bone marrow transplant, which could take years [...]

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