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New Study Yields Unique Drug Responses With Patient-Derived Stem Cells

06 July 2012

A new study of mitochondrial deficits in iPSC-derived HTTP//BRAINYTRADING.NG neural cells, funded by the National Institutes of Health and published in Science Translational Medicine, shows that patient-derived stem cells yield differing responses for cells derived from patients with different etiologies of Parkinson’s disease. The study suggests that Parkinson’s intervention may someday be tailored to individuals based [...]

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Brain Stem Cell Transplant Potential Parkinson’s Treatment

29 November 2011

Researchers say they have completed a new stem cell transplant that rebuilds the circuits in the brain of mice. This could lead eventually to new treatments for conditions from Parkinson’s disease to autism. In the experiment, a team at Harvard University embedded healthy stem cells from mouse embryos into the brains of adult laboratory rodents [...]

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Cord Blood Banking in Canada

07 September 2011

Cord blood banking is becoming increasingly popular in Canada, especially the cord blood Toronto market. Several hospitals and charities across the city are dedicated to informing expecting parents about the benefits of banking their children’s cord blood. There are also many family banks across the country at large that privately bank cord blood units. Currently, [...]

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Japanese Scientists Grow Teeth From Stem Cells

14 July 2011

Dr. Takashi Tsuji from Tokyo University of Science and his research team were successful in extracting stem cells from the molars HTTPS://BRAINYTRADING.NG/ of mice. They then transported these cells to the lab where they used them to grow new mouse teeth, The new, lab-grown teeth were then transplanted in the jaws of mice, and full attachment [...]

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US Appeals Court Lifts Stem Cell Research Ban

17 May 2011

A panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington ruled that opponents are not likely to succeed in their lawsuit to stop federal financing of stem cell research and overturned a district judge’s order that would have blocked the funding. The panel reversed an opinion issued last August by U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth, [...]

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Stem Cell Transplant May Counter Aggressive MS

23 March 2011

Reports have come out on long-term studies for stem cell transplants that help fight more aggressive – or rapidly progressing – multiple sclerosis. The treatment is called hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT), consists of removing the patient’s immune and other blood cells, then replacing them with new bone marrow stem cells from the same patient. [...]

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